Based on sleep research from Stanford University, the LumosTech smart sleep mask lets you take control of your sleep schedule. Our scientifically-validated technology enables a convenient method to optimize your sleep and help you wake up each day feeling rested and refreshed.


Set your preferred sleep schedule with our convenient app


Sleep with the mask to receive personalized light therapy


Wake up feeling ready to go, even in a different time zone!

Business traveler arriving at airport without jet lag

Journey without jet lag

With proprietary light flash technology, Stanford research has shown circadian rhythm shifts that could eliminate transcontinental jet lag. By arriving at your destination synced up with the local time zone, you can make the most of your time on the road.

Well rested, alert student raising hand in class

Sync up teens' studies

Night owl teen? Teenagers have biologically late-shifted circadian rhythms, making it hard for them to get a full night's sleep with early school start times. When used on a regular basis, our mask may help teens get more sleep and improve their academic performance.

Athlete performing at peak circadian rhythm

Play at your peak

Peak athletic performance can vary as much as 26% depending on what time of day you compete. Using personalized tracking and our patented sleep technology, the LumosTech smart sleep mask can be your personalized sleep coach to help you compete at your best.

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